Rent our segways or bikes for promoting your business or for corporate events

Both our Segways and Bicycles are an excellent engagement and promotion tool for your business or event. They are so unique and uncommon to see that it’s impossible for those that pass them not to comment.

If you’re looking for new eye-catching corporate solutions to generate brand awareness or advertise your business/products, then our vehicles are the perfect corporate solutions for you.

The advantages of a Segway

Segways can be used as a mobile advertising support or with a promoter ridding it, who will interact with your target-audience giving away free samples.

  • Segways are still relatively new to the general audience, so most of the population didn’t have a chance to see one up close yet – positive curiosity.
  • They work both inside and outside
  • With a battery life of 35Km per charge, they cover longer distances in less time. If you wish to, we can also limit maximum speed of the Segway.
  • While riding a Segway the promoter will stand higher than most people highlighting your brand.
  • As a standalone advertising support, the Segway can also be parked in high density streets.
  • Easy and Fun to Ride. They are ideal to create a fun environment between the promoters and your target-audience.
  • Ideal to create interaction. Since the Segway doesn’t have any doors, there are literally no physical barriers between your brand and your audience. This allows you to have a greater interaction with the environment and people.
  • 100% electric | 0% CO2. With the increasing concerns regarding green policies and the emission of gasses, we provide a way to show your audience your values and concern for an Eco and Green lifestyle.
Customer loyalty and employee satisfaction

Regardless of your goals – motivating your team or reward your most loyal customers – our tours are an excellent tool to motivate them and generate immediate satisfaction.

We always recommend the Segway tours due to the novelty factor as well as the potencial they have to provide a unique and fun experience.

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