Our Porto Bike Tours will take you pedaling through suburban areas, gardens and all main points of interest in Porto – as well as some hidden treasures known only to locals.

With a wide array of vehicles, our bike tours in Porto will allow you to discover both the scenic routes by the river and the most iconic neighborhoods of Porto.

Whether you’re a hardened bicycle veteran willing to tackle the steepest of our streets, or a casual rider just looking for a nice way to explore a new city, our bike tours are the perfect fit for you. Stroll alongside the river on a classic or electric bicycle and learn everything about Porto and it’s close connection to the Portuguese culture and art.

Despite the many hills that compose Porto, the city is becoming increasingly more bike-friendly, and with the introduction of e-bikes there’s no such thing as a too hard to get to place in Porto.

Porto Old Town & Highlights E-bike Tour

With the help of electric power, you will embark on an awesome bike trip through the main highlights of the historical centre of Porto and get to know a charming city, considered World Heritage site by UNESCO.


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Porto Riverside Panoramic Bike Tour

You will learn why Porto is also known as “The City of Bridges” and the importance of the connection between the city and the river and its contribution to the economic growth and prosperity.


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Porto Street Art On E-bike

Discover the best street art porto spots with an electric Bike. Porto street art scene has flourished not only in number but also in terms of quality. We have the art Porto map!


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Since the 19th century, people have been using a bicycle and it was believed to be a promise of a “splendid extension of personal power and freedom”, according to a New York Times article from 1896.

Its not just a trend that made us offer bike guided tours… we truly believe it is the best vehicle to go around Porto! Plus, it is an eco-friendly and easy to ride vehicle. We have a range of premium bikes and electric bikes of different sizes suitable to children and all adults and because we know that things can happen, we also offer assistance in all our bike guided tours. A helmet will also be provided for everyone on the tour and if you are worried about using it, do not be! Safety and hygiene first, and either the bikes and helmets are clean and disinfected after each tour!

Choose one of our Porto Bike Tour and we will take you pedaling through suburban areas, gardens, street art and all the main Porto highlights – as well as some hidden treasures known only by locals. Just need to decide about whether you prefer a scenic route on the riverside and beach, a street art tour, or a Porto sightseeing ride through the most iconic neighborhoods in the Centre of Porto.


In case you are worried about the hills of Porto, rest assured because we have the solution: electric bikes! In our E-Bike Tour Porto Highlights, we will stop at every highlight we come across and tell you not only about its history but also about interesting and funny facts behind them.

You have probably seen some images of some street art murals in Porto. The way they express each other is almost like they are speaking to us! Of course, we could only cover the distances between these fantastic murals, with the help of the e-bikes.

You have never used an e bike before? Our local storytelling guides will give you a brief explanation on how to use the system, and you will be ready to start!


For sure you have heard this expression before, and it is true! Scientists say our brain stores this information and even after decades not using a bike, soon you will remember it.

If this is your case, or you just want to leave the hustle and bustle of the center, we recommend you our Old Town & Riverside Bike tour Porto. You will be riding in a mostly flat area, along the river Douro until you reach its mouth where you will see a brand-new bike path. You will follow it up the Atlantic coast until the Porto City Park while learning about the city heritage and its close connection to the River Douro and the Atlantic Ocean.


You are looking for an exclusive tour for you, your group, or your family, book a private e bike tour Porto and have one of our local guides focus on your needs.

In case you are a solo traveler or you like meeting other people, our join in bike tours have a limit of 10 participants per guide. Whether you are a bicycle veteran willing to tackle the steepest of our streets, or a casual rider just looking for a nice way to explore a new city, our bike guided tours are the perfect fit for you. Soon you will learn that the best way to discover the city is on a bicycle!


We have tons if ideas to share with you! Just enquire us and we will design the best tour ever! We leave you some examples just to “unleash your curiosity”:

A full day tour with lunch or perhaps combine it with a visit to one of the famous Port Wine Cellars. A break to try some of the best local “Petiscos” in town… or simply to combine the best of our different bike tours. Let us know what ideas you have, and we will help you have a great experience!

We are tripeiros, Carago!