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Discover the charming city of Porto

Join us and discover the charming city of Porto, one of Europe’s must-sees! You’ll see more than you could imagine with less effort and 100% FUN by using a Segway! It’s the easiest and quickest way to ride along the city cobbled streets.

This adventure starts with a training session (around 15 min) to test your skills and help you to adapt to the vehicle and finally an excursion around this eclectic destination.

By choosing this tour you will enjoy a safe and funny way to explore the city, considered World Heritage by UNESCO since 1996. You will get to know a pretty old town that “perches over the river, composed by old houses that seem to huddle each other with a unique charm and character”. Discover the old palaces, the churches, the most emblematic neighbourhoods, the true locals and the most picturesque corners that the city has to offer.

A safe and funny way to explore the city

During 3 hours you will be guided by a local guide that will provide you with historical information and tell you the funniest stories about our city.

Prepare to fall in love with the medieval architecture, the Art Nouveau buildings, the iconic landscape of the Douro river underlining the city and the amazing Neo-Gothic attractions in the historic centre.


  • Vehicle / Equipment adaptation lesson;

  • Storyteller;

  • Liability and Personal Accident Insurance;

  • Water bottle;

  • Taxes (VAT 23%);

  • Tour also available in Portuguese, French, Spanish and Dutch.

Not eligible for:

  • Pregnant women;

  • People with coordination problems or any similar conditions;

  • Individuals under the effect of alcohol or drugs;

  • People that have been recently submitted to surgery.



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