A join in tour or a simply a tour with a guide is not your idea of travelling? Do you like going solo on your city’s discoveries?

The worlds first computer-guided storytelling car. A clever car that will help you navigate the streets of Porto, while pointing out all the best sights and their history.

Porto GoCar Tours allows you to set your own pace and stop as many times as you want. Equipped with GPS navigation system the GoCar will let you set your tour and decide what routes to follow.

Feeling tired from your travel or thirst for some local specialties? Don’t worry, you can take a detour anytime you want, and grab an expresso half way through the tour or stop at a local winery and delight with our famous port wine~. When you restart the GoCar it will guide you back to your tour – just don’t abuse the wine.

Experience touring like never before. Porto’s GoCar Tours range from the short 1 hour tours to full-day rentals. Choose from our 6 available options and take the wheel of your trip.

GoCar Tours 5 Hours

GoCar Special All Day

GoCar have prepared especially for you a tour that includes all the options available for a special price. You get to keep the car all day from when we open to when we close. Just have the car back by the close of business and enjoy!


Per Person / Vehicle


Aprox. Duration

GoCar Tours Early Bird

GoCar Special Happy Hour

GoCar Special Happy Hour will let you keep the GoCar for 2 hours and pay just the first, you just have to bring it back to our store by 17h30 at the latest!


Per Person / Vehicle


Aprox. Duration

Porto GoCar-Tours-1-Hour

1 Hour GoCar Tour

This GoCar Tour 1 Hour will take you to the oldest parts of the city and be prepared to find yourself in a maze of medieval alleys, old-world shops, cobbled streets and baroque monuments that define this unique city.


Per Person / Vehicle


Aprox. Duration

GoCar Tours 2 Hours

2 Hours GoCar Tour

Be prepared for an unforgettable Gocar tours 2 hours through Porto’s historical center, with beautiful buildings adorned with tiles, cobbled streets, and a landscape that has a vintage and romantic charm to it.


Per Person / Vehicle


Aprox. Duration

GoCar Tours 3 Hours

3 Hours GoCar Tour

Are you ready to smell the sea, feel the breeze, hear the ocean, while you drive through the heart of the medieval Porto? This GoCar Tour 3 hours will first take you through some of the most emblematic places in Porto.


Per Person / Vehicle


Aprox. Duration

GoCar Tours 4 Hours

4 Hour GoCar Tour

An essential route for anyone who is passionate about enjoying and appreciating all the highlights of the city, while get enough time to park and visit one of the most striking urban parks in the whole Europe.


Per Person / Vehicle


Aprox. Duration


A self-guided tour is when the traveller goes from point A and B on their own but with a route, all the information needed to do it, and the vehicle provided by a company. In this case, choosing a self-guided tour experience is a safe option be adventurous and, in the meantime, does not allow you to get lost, stuck, or isolated.

Our Gocar is ideal for travelers that value flexibility and the unpredictable, as it gives you the freedom to choose how much time you want to rent it and how far you want to go in the city of Porto.

In case you are worried about if something happens to the gocar, on your go car rental we offer assistance and support during the entire hired period.


“It’s a Talking Car … a Tour Guide … a Trusty Co-Pilot… and a Local on Wheels.”

A Gocar is a 3 wheeled, 2 seated vehicle where the passengers sit side by side to better communicate and have fun together. It runs with a 50cc scooter engine which allows this yellow car to be fast but not fast enough to become a racing car.

Do not worry if you have never driven a scooter before because in the beginning, you will be given a briefing of how to use the gocar and should you have any questions, this is the time for it! As it is compared with a scooter, helmets are mandatory, and we will give them to you clean and disinfected such as the car.


This clever yellow car has an on-board computer with a GPS System that will navigate and show you the way to pass by the main highlights speaking about their stories.

There are some routes for you to follow and some detours you can make and at every highlight or special place, the GPS signal will be triggered and something will pop from the car – it can be a special song, an explanation, a joke…

And because our Go Car Porto thinks of everything, it will constantly give you directions to follow the correct route in case you get lost in town or give you the best way to return to the go car rental store.


1. Think about how much time you have to spend riding in Porto

Experience touring like never before. Porto’s GoCar Tours range from the short 1hour tours to full-day rentals. The only think to keep in mind is that the longest the rental period is, the furthest you can go and explore.

2. Think about where you want to go

Choose from our different available route options, take the detours along the way, and set your own pace. Stop and park your gocar to savor a special dish, to visit local winery and delight with our famous port wine and as many times you find suitable for you. When you restart the GoCar it will guide you back to your tour – just be careful with the Port Wine. Be aware that the traffic rules will be applied and you must carry your driver’s license with you at all times!

HAVE FUN with a Go Car in Portugal!

Renting a Go Car Portugal or in Porto is like having a local guide with you to show you the city but instead it will be you managing your time. You decide when to stop (for example: for pictures), You decide if you want to take a detour to get to know something in particular or make a break for lunch, or just simply grab a coffee.

It is perfect for a couple of hours in town – with the freedom to explore it!

Just switch on the gocar, check if the mirrors are in position, helmets and seat belts on, and you’ll be ready to start the adventure!