The worlds first computer-guided storytelling car. A clever car that will help you navigate the streets of Porto, while pointing out all the best sights and their history.

Porto GoCar Tours allows you to set your own pace and stop as many times as you want. Equipped with GPS navigation system the GoCar will let you set your tour and decide what routes to follow.

Feeling tired from your travel or thirst for some local specialties? Don’t worry, you can take a detour anytime you want, and grab an expresso half way through the tour or stop at a local winery and delight with our famous port wine~. When you restart the GoCar it will guide you back to your tour – just don’t abuse the wine.

Experience touring like never before. Porto’s GoCar Tours range from the short 1 hour tours to full-day rentals. Choose from our 6 available options and take the wheel of your trip.