We all wish we could use our own bike when traveling to a different location, however the shipping costs makes that idea very expensive.

We believe that biking is a reliable type of transportation and it provides an excellent opportunity to ride around the city and the surroundings as you please. Biking is also an eco-friendly activity, great for your health and the environment.

We want you to feel at home, so on our bike rental options, we have a range of different bicycles to hire. From various frames of classic bikes to different models of e-bikes that use the help of the electric system, to make you ride smoothly through the hills of Porto.

rental e-bike porto eletric bikes

Rent an e-Bike

We invite you to discover this city that “perches over the river and it´s composed by old houses that seem to huddle each other, with a unique charm and character.


8 Hours


24 Hours


Rent a City Bike

The City Bike offers an upright, comfortable sitting position so that you can easily take in your surroundings and pedal through the city at your own pace.


8 Hours


24 Hours

Bike Rental

Riding a bicycle or cycling has numerous benefits, and while on vacation this relaxing vehicle allows you to ride smoothly along the well-known River Douro until the beach.

On our rent bike Porto shop, our enthusiastic team will give you suggestions on where you can go depending on your preferences, but keep in mind that you can discover Porto side and continuing going up the coast, or you can head south, through Gaia following the bike lane until Espinho or Ovar.

Since you will be riding in a mostly flat area, a bicycle with no help of electrical assistance is the ideal solution. Park your bike in front of the beach, lay down in the white sand and if you are feeling adventurous, try to go in the Atlantic Ocean. In case you are feeling hungry, just park your bike in front of the numerous restaurants along the coastline and enjoy amazing fresh grilled fish or sea food.

Electric bike rental

This innovative way of commuting is attracting more and more followers every day. With the electric bike rental possibility, you can forget the difficulties of going up the hills that compose Porto. The city is becoming increasingly more bike-friendly, and with the introduction of e-bikes there is no such thing as a too hard to get to a place in Porto.

In an era of sustainability and environmental awareness, it is never too much to remember that e-bikes leave a small carbon footprint, even smaller in Portugal, since over 40% of our energy comes from renewable sources.

And if you think that the electric bikes are just used to go up the hills, you must use them to go on flat areas… we have different models for the electric bike rental, and we recently invested on new KTM e bikes with a reliable bosh system and a long battery life so you can effortless explore much more areas of the city and its surroundings.

What is the process for the bike rental Porto?

  1. Choose and book the type of bike you wish to rent: Classic or Electric Bike
  2. At the bike rental shop, you will see the bike and test it
  3. A contract will be made under your name
  4. You will need to carry a credit card for the deposit
  5. Cleaned and disinfected helmets will be provided to you together with the bikes
  6. A map and suggestions can also be given to you by one of our professional staff members
  7. A chain lock will be also provided for you to safely lock your bikes during the bike rental
  8. A number will also be provided for emergencies. We offer assistance to all our bike rental Porto during the entire duration of the rental
  9. Returning the bikes to the shop
  10. The deposit will be released


We know that every country and every city have its own road rules and Porto is no different. We leave you a couple of them:

  1. Please do not ride on sidewalks – except for children until 10years old but be aware that sidewalks are for pedestrians
  2. Please use the bike lanes whenever you can – in some areas of the city are already prepared with bike lanes and specific lights just for cyclists
  3. Please ride in the same direction as the traffic – when riding on the road you must share it with other vehicles
  4. Please obey the traffic signals – stop, traffic light, a crosswalk when you see a pedestrian…
  5. Please use hand signals – show your intention to others
  6. Please use a helmet – it is mandatory only for the electric bike rental, but it is advised to be used in all types of bicycles
  7. Please do not use any device that may take your focus away from the road – example: mobile phones, music players, smoking…
  8. Please do not drink and drive – same is applicable for any other substance abuse
  9. Please park the bikes correctly – remember you are sharing the space with other people

Please respect the rules of the road!

Bike Rental Porto provides you a great service with the intent to turn your days in Porto into unforgettable moments.

We are tripeiros, Carago!