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Electric Bike Rental, Less effort, more sightseeing

Do not let Porto’s rough topography intimidate you or limit your adventures in a city that was made to be explored. The electrical bicycle will give you the freedom of a regular bicycle without the hassle of pedalling uphill.

Make the most of your days. Rent an e-Bike and discover the beauty hidden beyond every hill. With the help of the electric power of the engine, these comfortable vehicles will allow to go further, see more in less time and with less effort.

E Bike RENTAL Porto to Face the many hills

But just because it has a motor, does not mean you HAVE to use it. If you like to face challenges but don’t want to spend your limited in Porto time struggling up the many hills of our city, rent an e-Bike and you can choose when you need the electrical assistance to kick in.

If you are an adventurer and enjoy exploring at your own risk, the rental of an e-bike is exactly what you need. This way you can choose the places you like the most, you can stop and talk to the locals and perhaps learn some words in Portuguese when you try to communicate. Porto is known to receive well its visitors and even if the loclas don´t know how to speak foreign languages we always find a way to help you.

Our team of enthusiastic experts

In the city of Porto there are so many things to see, visit and try that it is difficult to choose where to start. Our team of local experts can help you by giving you a map and pointing some of the must-see places and things you cannot miss or try. These directions allied with an electric bike will make your discover a lot easier.

Make no mistake if you think that Porto is just the historical centre… enjoy the day and cycle along the riverside area from Ribeira to the beach of Foz. You will have the opportunity to sense the Atlantic Ocean smell and if you are feeling adventurous, go for a swim.

It is you managing your time in this magnificent city!

1.Choose your E-bike:


Eletric Bike Kreidler

Max. Speed: 20km-h

22,90 kg

Units Frontmotor

Battery: 360 Wh


Eletric Bike Gitane

Max. Speed: 25km-h

24,9 kg

Bosch Active Line Motor

Battery: Rack type 300 Wh


Eletric Bike KTM

Max. Speed: 25km-h

24,6 kg

Bosch Active Line Plus Motor

Battery: Bosch Powerpack 400 Wh

IMPORTANT: The actual range of an e-bike battery can vary widely based on the following conditions: rider weight / rider strength / route gradient / strong headwind / very low temperature.

2.Choose the length of the electric bike rental

You can rent an e bike from 2 hours until the end of your stay in Porto. It is a clean, safe and fun alternative to the common public transports. Plus, it allows you to stop wherever and whenever you want to.

3.Ask for help from our team

You have no idea where to go, or how long it takes to do what you planed on visiting, just let us know and we will help you. We can give you alternative routes or design a specific route for you to follow according to your preferences.

The local people are friendly, and the atmosphere is quiet and inviting. Whenever possible make a stop and re-establish your energy by sitting in a beautiful terrace, nothing better than to relax in front of the sea.

Do not miss the opportunity to take photographs catching different angles and lights of the city.

Do not stick around, go, and explore this magnificent city at your own pace.


  • Electric Bike + Helmet

  • Lock;

  • Assistance within the limits of the city of Porto or Gaia

  • Map.

You will need:

  • Sign the rental contract

  • Valid Identification Document (ID, Passport, Driving License)

  • Deposit payment in Credit Card Only In the amount of € 150,00 per Kreidler and Gitane E-Bike and € 300,00 per KTM E-Bike

  • For rentals of 24h, a safe place is required to store the bicycle. If this condition is not guaranteed, the rental may not be accepted.

Not eligible for:

  • People with coordination problems or any similar conditions.

  • Individuals under the effect of alcohol or drugs.

  • People with less than 1.3meters (4.3 feet) and more than 118Kg (260.14 lbs.). Height is a mandatory requirement. Babies can go on a child seat to a maximum of 18kg. Limited number.

  • For rentals of 24h, a safe place is required to store the bicycle. If this condition is not guaranteed, the rental may not be accepted.

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