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Electric Bike Rental, Less effort, more sightseeing

Don’t let Porto’s rough topography intimidate you or limit your adventures in a city that was built to be explored. The electrical bicycle will give you the freedom of a regular bicycle without the hassle of pedaling uphill.

Make the most of your days. Rent an e-Bike and discover the beauty hidden beyond every hill. Being powered by an electrical engine these comfortable vehicles will allow to go further, see more in less time and with less effort.

E Bike Porto to Face the many hills

But just because it has a motor, doesn’t mean you HAVE to use it. If you like to face challenges but don’t want to spend your limited in Porto time struggling up the many hills of our city, rent an e-Bike and you can choose when you need the electrical motor to kick in.

IMPORTANT: The actual range of an e-bike battery can vary widely based on the following conditions: rider weight / rider strength / route gradient / strong headwind / very low temperature.


  • Helmet;

  • Lock;

  • Assistance within the limits of the city of Porto or Gaia;

  • Map.

You will need:

  • Completion of rental agreement;

  • Valid Identification Document (ID, Passport, Driving License);

  • Deposit payment in the amount of € 50,00 per Bike (cash or card);

  • For rentals above from 24h, a safe place is required to store the bicycle. If this condition is not guaranteed, the rental may not be accepted.

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