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At Bluedragon Porto City Tours, our aim is to always provide the best experience ever. Therefore, we carefully chose to work with the best Local Guides that we prefer to name as local Storytellers.

Everybody can learn the history and speak about a monument or a place of interest but, it is not everybody that can tell a story. Our local guides possess this ancient human characteristic of storytelling that will make you feel engaged with the scenario and the story that is being told.

Together with the guides, we carefully designed all our Porto Tours, hoping they will meet all your expectations. With this idea in mind, we designed a wide range of offer for you to experience the best city tour Porto.

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Porto Segway Tour

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Walking Tour Porto

Porto Bike Tour

Porto Tours – Still not sure if should pick us?

Our outstanding team is focused on helping you create the perfect trip!

From the moment you make the booking, our team of experts will help you with all the questions you might have. When the time comes to meet your local guide, you will be received with a smile that will continue throughout the Porto City Tour. But it does not end here, at the end of the tour, our storytelling guides will provide you their contact in case you need any information or help during your stay. As locals we all know that a locals’ opinion on restaurants and places to go is a valuable information, they will also facilitate that knowledge.

All the Tours Porto that we offer are suitable for different traveller groups and different trip purposes.

1. Families – with or without children (from 0 to 18yold)

2. Friends – traveling with friends is always a fun way to travel. Either on a smaller or a larger group we offer solutions to different interests you might have.

3. Solo travellers – you are here alone and want to meet new people and share some impressions and ideas, just choose one of our join-in tours in Porto

4. Couples – Porto sightseeing or a Romantic tour just look at our join in tours or private experiences

5. Co-workers – if you are here for a meeting or a conference, and you want to get to know the beautiful city of Porto, you can choose from our join in tours or a private experience. In case you haven’t found a suitable timetable for the tour, just let us know and we will offer you alternatives.

About Porto sightseeing

Porto is a fascinating city, rich in charms and hidden gems to be discovered.

It is classified as a world heritage site by UNESCO due to its history, monuments, wine, gastronomy, and culture. By choosing Bluedragon Porto City Tour you will get to know this city through the eyes of our enthusiastic local guides.

With centuries of history, a rich local cuisine and a vibrant nightlife, the city sightseeing porto is perfect for everyone! Our storytelling local guides will reveal to you not only the highlights of the city but will also take you to some off the beaten path places in town. The city has several viewpoints looking like real postcards so have your camera ready to capture the unique moments we will provide you!

If you love adventure, you can choose to do a city sightseeing Porto using our different but ecological vehicles. The Bikes or E-bikes to the Segway, and the Gocar that will take you everywhere in Porto.

Porto is a coastal city that has both River, and Sea. It allows you to ride a bike along the Douro River to the Atlantic Ocean, while enjoying the beautiful landscape, taking advantage of every moment to absorb the good energies. On this Porto sightseeing tour, you can see a different side of city, already outside the historic centre focused on the beach side and parks.

The people of Porto are the city’s precious heritage for its genuineness, simplicity and kindness when receiving visitors. In a friendly and sincere way, we like showing you our culture and habits for you to understand our special accent and way of talking! During some of our Porto tours, we will pass by the typical market with local vendors and maybe we will teach you some Portuguese words…

Savouring traditional food is one of the experiences sought by everybody. It is our tradition to share food among friends and family so sharing a table with visitors is our passion. Being around a table full of local dishes is already a good idea, but now imagine joining some of the best Port tour in Porto… Port Wine is the most famous drink of the city because of

its historical connection to the region of the Douro Valley. There are numerous port tours Porto, however during our Food and Wine tasting tour you will be able to try some of the best smaller producers’ wine.

Our history has always demonstrated the resilience and undefeated character of the city and its inhabitants. But as the nickname of the city sates, it remains as Invicta – invincible, and the inhabitants remain as proud “Tripeiros”!!

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