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Things to do in Porto

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Things to do in Porto We know, there is so much to visit in Porto, from the old azulejos-covered churches to the brandnew hipsterbars. But don’t rush anything! Let the city wash over you. Cause this place has surprises in store for anyone brave enough to let go and experience life. To us, Porto is [...]

Top 6 authentic food you should try in Porto

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Top 6 authentic food you should try in Porto Real Portuense food isn’t about dining in some fancy restaurant. The best experiences are actually found in cheap looking taverns with loudly speaking locals surrounding you. Prepare to use your hands and have juices dripping all over your chin. France [...]

The Beaches in Porto

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The Beaches in Porto It still happens that people on a citytrip to Porto don’t realize the proximity of the ocean. It’s REALLY nearby. Like, twenty minutes by bike. You’ll find yourself in a different world from the crowded city in no time. It would be a waste not to visit this breezy area. We can [...]

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