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Porto Highlights E-Bike Tour

Those who know Porto’s layout may think this tour is something of a Mission Impossible. Well, there are good news and bad news. Let’s start by the bad news: Porto is a really steep city. The challenge level is going up but we can guarantee that this is to be a memorable trip, for the best possible reasons. The good news: our bikes are electric, surprisingly easy to ride and environment friendly! All bikes in this Porto bike tour are powered by an electric motor, you will be able to stroll with ease through all the highlights of Porto’s historical Centre. Discover a charming city perched over the river, composed by old houses that huddle together from the river quay until the sea.

Porto Highlights E-Bike Tour will take you to see the old palaces, the churches, the emblematic neighbourhoods as well as the people that bring life into the city that was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

The E-Bike is the perfect transportation for those who enjoy bike riding and culture. Combining both in an exhilarating experience through Porto’s hills and cobblestone streets.

This Tour Includes:
  • Vehicle / Equipment adaptation lesson;

  • Storyteller;

  • Liability and Personal Accident Insurance;

  • Water bottle;

  • Taxes (VAT 23%);

  • Tour also available in Portuguese, French, Spanish and Dutch.

Tour Not Eligible For:
  • Pregnant women;

  • People with coordination problems or any similar conditions;

  • Individuals under the effect of alcohol or drugs;

  • People that have been recently submitted to surgery.

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