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Best of Porto by Segway

Best of Porto by Segway follows the same paths that the locals go through every day during its centuries of existence. This task tends to get even more complicated when the city in question is made up of as many hills as the city of Porto is. This segway tour is the fastest, safest and entertaining way to explore all the streets and alleyways that make up the city whose historic centre has been considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1996.

With our tour you’ll see the historical palaces, churches, the most emblematic neighbourhoods, the picturesque scenery that only Porto can offer and get to know first-hand the people that give them life.

The tour lasts approximately 3 hours and is led by one of our storytellers who will delight you with historical information about the places you pass by, as well as the best curiosities and fun facts about Porto.

If the two wheeled Segway is a concern for you, you can rest assured. In addition to being a modern and extremely intuitive vehicle, all tours start with a practical Segway lesson.

This Tour Includes:
  • Vehicle / Equipment adaptation lesson;

  • Storyteller;

  • Liability and Personal Accident Insurance;

  • Water bottle;

  • Taxes (VAT 23%);

  • Tour also available in Portuguese, French, Spanish and Dutch.

Tour Not Eligible For:
  • Participants with less than 45Kg and more than 118Kg (99.20 pounds and 260.14 pounds); and minimum of 1.5meters (4.9 feet);

  • Pregnant women;

  • People with coordination problems or any similar conditions;

  • Individuals under the effect of alcohol or drugs;

  • People that have been recently submitted to surgery.

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